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  Astonishing Management started in 2007 to offer
trade show exhibitors a higher quality staff to assist companies at trade shows and marketing events. Many companies were hiring models to stand around and look pretty but this gives a bad impressing on the company. We offer staff with college degrees ranging from communication, marketing, business, and hospitality. With a team of business minded professionals they our focused on your company's marketing needs. Our staff is driven to increase your leads, interact with attendees, and hand out products or materials at your booth.

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About Us
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  Robert Hall is the Owner and President with a background in acting, hospitality, and auditions. He has worked in a wide variety of industries and knows how to cast the right person for trade show and events. Working in the film and television industry himself he has cast for production companies and worked in front of the camera as well. Robert understands the need to but on a good show to represent a company and provide the best fit based on the type of trade show or event.